Sports for 500, anyone?

(Ross Clark) #28

Hi, where did you live in Scotland?! It’s where I’m based now. :slight_smile:

(David Burchard) #29

I lived in Niddrie (Edinburgh) first, then Lochee in Dundee.

(Alex Costa) #30

I’m a New England Patriots fan.

(Joseph Bayly) #31

(Searches for the “ban account” button…)


(Archie) #32

Lucas failed to mention that his father played soccer under Jerry Yeagley the last year that it was a club team before IU made it a varsity sport. Their undefeated team was invited to the national championship, but IU wouldn’t pay for them to go since it was club team only.

Jerry Yeagley went on to build IU soccer into the national power that it remains to this day. He was the coach of the team from 1973 to 2003. His teams won six NCAA Championships and a Division I record 544 games. He is considered the most successful collegiate soccer coach in the history of the sport. His overall career record was 544-101-45 (.828). He never had a losing season as a head coach. In fact, through his 31-year career, Yeagley took every one of his four-year players to the NCAA College Cup, soccer’s version of the Final Four. His teams made 28 NCAA tournament appearances, 16 appearances in the College Cup, and 12 appearances in the national final, while winning 10 Big Ten championships and 6 National championships — 1982, 1983, 1988, 1998, 1999, 2003 — the last one in his final season.

So Lucas’ dad was a bit of a soccer player too.

(Archie) #33

Cluing into this conversation a bit late it appears. Yeah, I’m a sports fan, though far less of one than I was ten years ago. I simply don’t have the time to keep up on stuff like I used to. My teenaged sons keep me in the loop on most things though.

Cubs - first and last and everything in between. The other sports simply fill up the time between baseball seasons. When I say that I’m a baseball fan, I mean that I can often name the top prospects in other teams minor league systems and have a pretty good idea of how they are performing. (Jeremy, do you think that Huria will ever be able to field well enough to make the big leagues? …although this is the Brewers we are talking about. They haven’t exactly been wowing people with their focus on defensive prowess.) Of all the sports that I played, I really only miss playing baseball.

I’m a passive TN Titans and Nashville Predators fan since I grew up in Nashville…when I pay attention to football or hockey (which is usually only during the playoffs or when my boys tell me I should watch this game with them.)

And Arsenal when I want to watch the beautiful game.

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #34

So, will they end up being 5-4 in SB’s or 6-3? I’m no fan of the Pats, but what they’ve done is impressive.

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #35

The big question is his arm. His fielding ability is rated at major league average, but his arm is below average. At this point, because he’s only had one full season in the minors, it seems more hype at this point. He’s young, only 22, I’d assume he’ll play in AAA for most the season and then be a Sept. call-up. At least that’s the way Stearns seems to be indicating.

(Tom Kidd) #36

Baseball is my passion. I’ve loved the Reds since 1975. (Too bad the Reds glory years were wasted on a 5 and 6 year old.) I wasted my youth not only playing the game, but playing Strat-o-matic, collecting ballcards, and reading Bill James twenty years before Michael Lewis wrote about Moneyball.

I’m also a big fan of Buckeye football which has given me far more bang for rooting buck than rooting for the Reds or Bengals.

As to the Bengals, I joke that I wouldn’t be the Sabbatarian I am today, if it weren’t for the Bengals futility over the last 25 years.

Basketball - nah, don’t care for it. Ones and done like Greg Oden did me in.

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #37

Me too. Used to be football, but how they have sissified the game, along with the 365, 24/7 nature, has turned me off.

That’s funny.

You should become a Badger fan. No one-n-dones and we’re usually competitive! Come on over!

(Tom Kidd) #38

The Badgers (at home) were the bane of Buckeye football for much of the Bruce/Cooper era. Of course for Cooper, he couldn’t beat Michigan home or away.

(Alex Costa) #39

They’re going to be 5-4, but it’s okay. They’ll be back next year.

(Nathan Smith) #40

I’m with you here. I love the game of football. There’s so much to it. Physical strength, dexterity, speed. Practice and play. Strategy and preparation. The mental game between coaches and players during the actual game. And of course dumb luck plays a role that you have to account for. Nothing else approximates war in such a way - and I’m open to correction but its just an incredible game.

But the trappings… I love football but hate the trappings. The goof-ball NFL network. All the talking heads. The goofy little stat tables that “float” over the field during the game. NBC sunday night football is the worst. That song the country music lady sings. Its embarrassing. It makes me embarrassed to watch football.

Anyway, Go Chiefs. As Chiefs fans like to say, if God isn’t a Chiefs fan, why do we all bleed red? Next year is our year.

(Alistair Robertson) #41

Ah, cricket. Did you see Australia’s test against Sri Lanka? Decisive victory. Nice to see after Australia got soundly beaten by India in the previous test.

As for the Big Bash (name of the Australian T20 league), the Brisbane Heat women won their league, but the men’s team is still near the bottom. Crazy, considering the talent they’ve got.

Only recently started watching due to my son’s near obsession with the game. Awesome.

Any other people living in Australia in here?

(Joseph Bayly) #42

Well it’s odd being in the position of wishing you were right, Alex. Lol.

(Alex Costa) #43

It was an insurance bet. If they lost, I’d be sad for a few hours but at least I’d look smart on Sanityville.

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(Valerie) #46

One of the earliest mentions of baseball in print was by Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey. This is pretty much the extent of my knowledge of such things.

(Ross Clark) #47

Well, I am a New Zealander living in the UK …