Anyone up for a little March Madness?

(Nathan Smith) #1

Match madness time.

Big Tennessee fan here so that’s who I’m pulling for. A 2 see this year. Anyone else watching?

Sports for 500, anyone?
(Lucas Weeks) #2

I’ve not been paying attention at all this year. All I know is that Duke is supposed to have the best player in the NCAA right now with Zion. Any interesting stories worth paying attention to?

(Nathan Smith) #3

Well, unfortunately, most of the NCAA basketball stories these days involve wiretapping and cheating…

Zion Williamson is truly a beast, though. Not many players will do a 360 dunk from the charity stripe in an actual game. He’s fun to watch but he also gets all the calls to go his way.

For me the story is all about Tennessee. Great group of players for a great coach. A school that has never performed well in the Big Dance. I’m hoping for a Final Four.

Barack Obama has Tennessee going to the final four but has Duke beating UNC in the champ game. His brackets get attn every year. I don’t know what his record is. I’ve never done a bracket, myself. No good reason.

I guess people are interested in seeing what Virginia does this year after their epic loss last year in the first round as a number one seed. They are a one-seed again this year, play later this afternoon.

(Caleb Starr) #4

March Madness is my favorite sports event of the year. I find it almost as exciting as the World Cup. I’m from West Lafayette, home of Purdue so I always root for the Boilermakers in the tourney. Like in recent years, they have a pretty solid squad. But they have also recently underperformed and been disappointing to watch in ever tourney in recent memory. I’m hopeful that their good win last night will lead to more success this time around.

(Jason Andersen) #5

This is the only time of the year my family really follows sports. The kids have a great time guessing who will win (even though we don’t follow teams at all throughout the year).

I always fill out a bracket with every underdog team and cheer for them, and just have fun seeing my kids get excited.

I had Old Dom down as the champion. I was wrong.

My four year old wants Wafford to win, because their name sounds like “waffles.”

(Nathan Smith) #6

I like your 4yo’s method. I hope the Waffles survive until they face the Volunteers :grinning:

Tennessee survived today, but closer than it should have been.

(Valerie) #7

Sounder reasoning was never heard among men.

(Tim Bayly) #8

Son Taylor forwards A. J. Guyton’s excellent post on coaching, defending Izzo as well. Guyton shows himself a true father.

(Joseph Bayly) #9

That’s a wonderful read.

(Nathan Smith) #10

Yeah. Thanks for sharing that.

(Nathan Smith) #11

Well the Waffles played hard but lost to the Kats. That’s too bad. My second favorite team is whoever Kentucky is playing.

(Alex Costa) #12

Duke/UCF ending was crazy.

(Jason Andersen) #13

Yeah it was pretty dramatic. That’s the kind of game that makes the tournament exciting.

… we accidentally scared the baby with our excitement :slight_smile:

(Nathan Smith) #14

Yeah. Great game. Came down to the wire.

My Volunteers successful in overtime - moving on to the Sweet 16!

(Dani McNeilly) #15

I have Tennessee taking it all. :hugs: Go Vols!!

@acmcneilly and I accidentally made our 3-year-old cry after UCF lost.
Us: “NOOOOOO!!! How??? Nooo!!”
Him: :sob: “I don’t want them tied!!” :sob: