Sports for 500, anyone?

(Alistair Robertson) #41

Ah, cricket. Did you see Australia’s test against Sri Lanka? Decisive victory. Nice to see after Australia got soundly beaten by India in the previous test.

As for the Big Bash (name of the Australian T20 league), the Brisbane Heat women won their league, but the men’s team is still near the bottom. Crazy, considering the talent they’ve got.

Only recently started watching due to my son’s near obsession with the game. Awesome.

Any other people living in Australia in here?

(Joseph Bayly) #42

Well it’s odd being in the position of wishing you were right, Alex. Lol.

(Alex Costa) #43

It was an insurance bet. If they lost, I’d be sad for a few hours but at least I’d look smart on Sanityville.

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(Valerie) #46

One of the earliest mentions of baseball in print was by Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey. This is pretty much the extent of my knowledge of such things.

(Ross Clark) #47

Well, I am a New Zealander living in the UK …