Sports for 500, anyone?

I haven’t seen any sports related topic or talk and so thought I’d try a jump ball. Any sports fans in Sanityville?

I’m from Wisconsin and so my allegiances are within the Dairy State.

Packers are the real America’s Team, but I fear they are a franchise descending.

Bucks, to this point in the NBA season, are the best team in the league.

Brewers will repeat as NL Central Champs and we’ll see them in their first World Series since '82.

Any takers?

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You are a braggart, arent you? Smile.

I’m from Randolph :grinning:

And, what else do you do when taking sports!

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Virginia Tech football (mountain connection).
Duke basketball (family connection).
Former Redskins fan who has renounced his fandom, at first because of the anthem melodrama, but now that I’m trying to obey the 4th commandment, I don’t have time for the NFL.
Like baseball but don’t have allegiance to a team.
Rangers FC is the most successful soccer team in the world, the only legitimate team in Glasgow.

Rugby is better than football.

Sampras over Agassi. Federer over Nadal.
Anybody over Serena.


I played football I’m high school, too small to play in college. So I played on my college club rugby squad. I had as much fun as playing football plus the added bonus of the post-match social.


And, yes, I am. Though I’m not bragging in saying so.

Post match + better tackling techniques + all the aggression + uglier = rugby

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I’m a huge sports fan. I’m from West Lafayette, Indiana so I’m a Boilermaker fan at heart, even though I attend IU currently. I follow football and basketball, both college and pro. I’m not really a baseball fan, although my wife is trying to change that. I don’t follow any hockey at all. Being a Hoosier, I am a Colts and Pacers fan. A sport that I have recently gotten into as a fan and a player is disc golf, which is quickly gaining popularity nationally.

To your points:
-I agree with your assessment of the Packers. Their new head coach needs to be special.
-The Bucks have been playing well but I’m not ready to call them the best in the league. They still have to get out of the East, with the Raptors, Celtics and Pacers all posing legit threats. Additionally, until Golden State is beaten, I think they are still the best in the league.

My wife’s entire extended family is from Kokomo. Her father attended Purdue, her mother attended DePauw. Everyone is HUGE IU fans, except for me and my brother-in-law. My wife has even infected some of our kids. Congrats on the Boiler win last week. Good game.

You’re right about the NBA. It’s been such a drought for the Bucks that it’s hard not to get a little over-excited. I was hoping the Colts would win last weekend…too bad.

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Sports? :roll_eyes: :exploding_head: :face_vomiting:

Nope. Nopety-nope nope. Nunquam. Noch nie. Nooit. Mai. Maig, Może. май. قد . Saattaa, მაისი. . . . etc.

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Those emojis reveal some kind of competitive juice within you!

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Just tryin’ to be relevant [is that the right term?] to all those emoji-folx ou’ dere.

Oops. Communications fail, I guess. It were meant to mean yucko, empörend, révoltant, paninirang-puri, 反乱の, מזעזע , αποκρουστικός, отвратительный, and so forth.

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Let’s wait to see what Rodgers can do with not a terrible coach behind him.

LOL. (Giannis tho)

Ohhhh I get it. You’re just a troll. :wink::joy:

Hoosiers, Cards (with a small corner of my heart belonging to Schwarber), most things NBA, non-SEC football, hating the Patriots, and I guess I like soccer now and have to believe it’s not gay (thanks Peter and Lu :neutral_face:).


Re: the Boilers, my dad and uncle are both grads and I grew up a fan before converting with my college choice. Best decision I ever made behind becoming a Christian and marrying my wife. (Although the 90s were about the best time to be a Boiler. Brees, the Big Dawg. Fun times.)

Tottenham Hotspur (real football)

KC Chiefs (pretend Rugby)

Harlequins (Rugby) @daveburch and you?

KC Royals

And yes Federer > Nadal

And I liked Serena until her tantrum losing to that Japanese lady.

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I’m an American missionary kid who grew up in French Africa, and my father also grew up as a missionary in French Africa. So we both grew up playing and loving soccer.

My father attended IU while Bobby Knight was winning championships, and so he learned to appreciate college basketball. My mother grew up in Minnesota and played football with the boys, so she would take us on rare occasions to the American embassy to watch a Vikings game on AFRTS.

I’ve never really followed a team other than the USA during the world cup. Two sports I wish I had played and watched more: rugby and cricket. The British kids in Kinshasa would play cricket, and I remember playing with them when I was very young. I never knew what was going on, though, and I never played it when I was older.


So, just for kicks, to this point in the season who’s been better than the Buck’s? Giannis is a fun player to watch.

My wife would praise you in the gates for trading your allegiances from PU to IU, but you may have been better to go further north…all the way to UW!

Cricket seems enjoyable with the pace and length.