Are conservatives “Russia-aligned”?

Forbes reporting downing of $300mil Russian A50M/U spy plane smears US Reps as “Russia-aligned Republicans [who] began blocking U.S. aid to Ukraine.”

Oppose military aid to Ukraine?

You, my fellow American, are “Russia-aligned.” The Russian Air Force Has Lost Another One Of Its A-50 Radar Planes

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“Russia-aligned”? That’s silly. “Isolationist”? Here, there may be a case to answer.

Yes, but no. This is the absolute commitment America has to empire. It is shared left and right, non-Christian and Christian. We must do NATO’s work and pay its bills. We must do do Zelinsky’s work and pay his bills. We must handle both Russia and China for the world. We must handle the Middle East for the world. Any slightest questioning of any of this here in the States is to be “Russia-aligned.” Not sane, but “Russia-aligned.” Even a hundred billion isn’t enough. Cut it off and we’re “isolationist.” Love,

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On NATO and Russia, wise piece by Scott Tibbs: Ukraine, Russia and reckless NATO expansion


Well, one is left wondering if the author is so dumb as to be incapable of having a theory of mind for anti-war Republicans, or if the author takes his readers as too dumb to have a theory of mind for anti-war Republicans.

After almost a decade of the Trump phenomenon on the American scene, I am left with this as the one thing about him that our elites can’t tolerate: he is a threat to the empire. His domestic political program is more-or-less the same as Bill Clinton’s was in 1992 and 1996. Romney was genuinely anti-immigration in 2012 (or ran as such, anyway). Clinton’s moral sleaze was every bit the equal of Trump’s.

Obama ran as anti-empire, but I think the Imperial lobby rightly saw him as controllable. Trump they see differently.


W, Obama and Trump all promised to step back from empire at first, but when you’re the man behind the desk, and your advisors are telling you this and that, the weight of responsibility hits. There are practical constraints these men have to deal with. Not all options are open to them.

Easy for us to say how it should be done. We have no responsibility and we don’t know what the men in power know.

It’s exactly the same situation as the Covid response. If you and I were given the same advice as all the governors were, what would we have done? Pretty much exactly as they did.


The comparison between the need to trust civil authorities concerning public health policies and the military industrial complex/deep state’s imperial aspirations and conquest doesn’t resonate with me, although I agree with your last two sentences. Very much. Love,

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I agree with all of your comments. But. Everybody wants to be a great statesman until it’s time to do great statesman stuff.

Perhaps it’s time to expect more from our leaders than, “Well, all the other governors were doing it.”

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If leaders all do roughly the same thing at once, it could be they are herding and falling for a groupthink, and a brave lone dissenter is right.

Could be. But it’s not usually that way. We know it was not true during Covid. A governor who let er rip would have lost his shirt. The virus was dangerous. Many died.

Ukraine and Taiwan arent at the same level of crisis, but the obligation to be humble about what we know, to defer to the opinions of experts and to be respectful of leaders who bear responsibility for us, is the same.

Perhaps so on the first point, though extremely opposite Covid responses seem not to have cost either Gov. Noem or Gov. Whitmer politically. And the overall outcomes from dovish Covid responses in places like South Dakota, Florida and Sweden belie the idea that non-pharmaceutical interventions for Covid made much difference.

I do also want to point out the irony that four years to the month after the fact, you and I are still here on Sanityville arguing about this, but now I’m the dove and you are the hawk. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fine. But our leaders who refuse to be accountable for their multifarious foreign policy disasters of the last 20 years can do it without my sons. I’ll encourage them not to go.

No argument from me that calling Republicans who are against funding Ukraine, or are just skeptical of the war, “Russia-aligned” is modern day redbaiting.

To paraphrase President Obama, Joe McCarthy called. He wants his scare tactics back.

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Yeah, Forbes did it again today.