The Ville 2.1 Brady Hawkins Day

(Nathan ) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

(Joseph Bayly) #2

Loved this episode. Can’t wait to hear where it goes from here.

(Jake) #3

A fun deleted scene for all Patreon supporters :sunglasses::

(Eric Wilson) #4

Great business model – we give away our best. What’s not good enough to give away is only available for money.

But it’s fun – I like the sausage enough that I enjoy a peek in the slaughterhouse.

(Eric Wilson) #5

Really enjoyed Matt’s attempt at forgiving someone that didn’t want forgiveness in the ep – giving me hope that he may eventually ask someone else for forgiveness.

(Dani McNeilly) #6

He’s going to need to get specific though. Forgiveness for “I don’t know, everything” isn’t actually helpful to a relationship.

(Eric Wilson) #7

Yeah, not helpful … but it was a pathetic step in the direction of helpful … which is better than the usual obliviousness to the problems below the surface. Maybe?

(Nathan ) #8

I don’t know what the Roseblums would have to forgive. They seem like a nice couple to me. And Erica straight up told Lance everything was going great since Christmas. :+1:

(Dani McNeilly) #9

I hope so! But I also think Matt has cultivated Obliviousness (and its companion, Passivity) as a way of coping with the hard stuff. :sweat_smile:

(Eric Wilson) #10

Yeah, I guess that’s the point. For a moment, Matt was willing to acknowledge and speak to what was obviously going on. He didn’t persist, but he tried … or tried to try.

(Nathan Smith) #11

Matt reminds me of Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Bennett. Just seems to have given up on the family. Hopefully there will be some repentance.

I’m also excited to see what goes on with the new youth minister. So far he seems better than the last one…

(Derek Mast) #12

That Cupid payoff :joy::joy::joy:

(Kara Hobbs) #13

Matt’s proposal was surprisingly touching. First time I’ve really cared about him as a character, and I’m really hoping for some reform and reconciliation between him and Erica.

I was kind of confused by the new characters though. Who was the guy Lucas played who knocked Quentin out? At first I thought he was the new youth pastor (what an improvement that would be!) but he’s not, is he? Maybe he could get hired instead :slightly_smiling_face:.

(Kelly) #14

Will is his name; we met him at the Chasteens’ house (at Christmas, I think).

My own confusion: Salem is the youth pastor’s kid, right?

(Nathan ) #15

Yes she is …

(Eric Wilson) #16

So, Chip and Clair share a possum enthusiasm. Or maybe opossum enthusiasts?

I mean, maybe they are world travelers – or maybe Sanityville has a very non-standart ecosystem, but it seems mighty unlikely that either of them encounter a Ringtail or Brushtail outside of a zoo.

My wife has always been somewhat of a lover of all living things. I didn’t know until she told me this morning that all true “Possums” are in Austrailia, and that we only have the “Opossum” here in the states. Of course, opossums are typically called possums, so it’s all fine. Just thought others might find it interesting.

(Nathan ) #17

Chip’s a great guy and great possum expert but nomenclature has never been his strong suit.

(Eric Wilson) #18

Nomenclature is difficult, but the tail tells a tale.

A ringed tail may be beautiful, but the more patriotic look in possum tails is hairless.

(Nathan Smith) #19

I had no idea there was even such a thing as a brush tail possum. All we eat…er, see is just the common American form.

(Jesse Tiersma) #20

This was great. Good story telling and production. I have enjoyed the evolution of Sound of Sanity and am looking forward to the rest of the new season.