Saga 1.7 Endgame, Part 2

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Endgame Part 2. Pastor Stu wins.

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Great work @jacob.mentzel, @nathanalberson, @bstormcrow, & Co. I love what you guys do.
I am simultaneously crying and pumping my fist.

Saga 1.6 Endgame, Part 1
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About time he got run out on a rail.

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Not that anyone’s surprised by what has been said already, but now might be a good time to show everyone how to avoid spoilers. See:


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I haven’t listened yet. Can’t wait!

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Top notch episode.

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Lol whoever wrote the episode description. :joy:

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Great episode! Looking forward to season 2!

  • I was hoping Matt would grow a spine and become the hero. He’s a “knight who needs to act like a knight,” as Chip would say. Maybe in a later season? On the other hand, some guys never end up taking responsibility for their actions and everyone else has to continue dealing with the fallout. Matt might be one of those guys.

  • It felt SO GOOD to see Stu get a taste of his own scheming. But I’m not sure that Aricha’s threat was actually credible. Even though Stu seducing Maggie was a crime (statutory rape), I think the statute of limitations would have run out by now. Seems like Stu would be aware of that since he’s a scheming, serial predator. But I’m no lawyer or anything.

  • Glad that Ricky found a happy ending. More accurately, a new beginning.

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We’re talking about sex with a girl under the age of 16 by a trusted person in authority. If I understand rightly, that’s felony rape in the second or third degree in most states and has either no statute of limitations or a very long one (depending on the state). In the case of Sanityville, Stu knows the laws and so does Erica, for one. For two, even if there was a statute of limitations that couldn’t be circumvented in this case, do you think Stu wants to let it get that far? The writing was on the wall. Erica won and he knew it.

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I think the episode description was supposed have a question mark. Idk. Some of our elves will be fired. In response to Zak’s question about the ending …


What Jake said. Also … laws on statute of limitation for statutory rape vary from state to state. Some are much more open ended than others. Nothing on earth would compel me to say what state Sanityville is in, but it’s one of the ones with no or limited SOL. :slight_smile:

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Good Points

That’s a good point. Didn’t realize Maggie was under 16. In my head-cannon, she was 16 or 17 at the time and since it was 20 years ago the SOL would be running out, if it hadn’t already. Seems like Stu could finesse his way out, since he is (was) so well-respected by the community and could paint Arica as a desperate slanderer (which he already basically had). But it makes sense that Sanityville would have sane laws about sex with minors. :slight_smile:

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Also …


Also, let’s say there is a restrictive statute of limitations in the state. Erica will mount a highly public (national news) #Metoo campaign to get it changed. She’ll get a documentary made about Stu’s crimes and put on Netflix. Idk what she’ll do, but her superpower is that she’s the energizer bunny. She will never stop until Stu is destroyed one way or another.

Stu knows this. At heart, Stu is a coward and a self-preservationist. The second he realizes he’s stirred up a monster that is scarier than he is, and that she’s really got something on him, he’s done.

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Chip off the old block was approaching Chip’s 18th birthday. Chip and Maggie, opening scene, “Remember a long time ago when we was kids? I reckon I was 8 and you were about 5?” Canon consistency baby! Also, what Nathan said times 100000.

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To the victors go the SPOILZ

AH! I missed that. I was thinking they were roughly the same age. Okay, okay, I yield, I yield! :joy::joy::joy:

Btw, it cracked me up in part 1 when Kevin and Evin said to Stu, “There’s only one unforgivable sin. Did you #MeToo someone?” As if that’s literally the ONLY sin worth taking seriously. Sad, but so often true.

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Eh. Chip and Maggie start that ep at 17/15. Pretty close in age and pretty well matched in maturity, so it’s pretty easy to think they’re the same age.

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Also let’s not forget Stu has been grooming and using girls in the high school for 20 years. Maybe after Maggie he learned to wait for age of majority, but … who knows what skeletons he has in his closet that he’s afraid might be stirred up by Erica blowing things up on him (hows that for some mixed metaphors). Only Stu knows. But clearly there’s enough for him to take Erica seriously.

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Nice job leaving some free threads, y’all… Haha!

Here be spoilers

Loved it. Really wish Stu had been shot, but also loved to see Erica realize what it would do to Chip and she :clap: actually :clap: cared :clap:
Phew. Erica was showing some gleams of hope in this and it’s so exciting! When she didn’t backtalk Matt at the end?? YEAH! I’m a huge optimist, I know, but if she continues like this, she could be submitting to his authority soon! (don’t tread on my dreams, guys! :joy:)

Brandon and Anna- comedy gold yet again!

Shall we speculate about who the abandoned son is…? Ollie for first choice, but of course! Which frankly is a bit weird if Ricki and Ollie end up together (weirder if Ricki does turn out to be pregnant by Stu).

I hope y’all didn’t exhaust your creative juices, because now we’re all primed for season two. :grin:

P.S. Don’t shun me for using the clap emojis, it was definitely necessary

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:clap: what’s :clap: wrong :clap: with :clap: clap :clap: emojis?

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They’re :clap: a :clap: little :clap: annoying :clap: at :clap: times :clap:

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Hit it out of the park, er… this galaxy, SOS! Good fun

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Did we meet that guy Will (at the party) before? Lots of characters in this town, hard to keep up