Saga 1.6 Endgame, Part 1

(Nathan ) #1

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Pastor Stu goes to war with the Roseblum family.

(Ben Emery) #2

I’ll be taking the long way to work today :slight_smile:

(Josiah) #3

My 6yrold son asked me when the uncle was going to save the day. Nice work guys.

(Eric Wilson) #4

Hearing Stu groom the next planned victims was super creepy – in the Christmas pagent, no less.

(Nathan ) #5

I don’t think he’s a nice man.

(Jay Simon) #6

I need to stop listening to these right away, because then I have to wait a whole week for the next episode. Sometimes on Monday nights I refresh my podcast feed several times just to check if it might be early.

(Jake) #7

I think you’re in for a pleasant surprise. :sunglasses:

(Kelly) #8

I’ve got a shotgun right here that Chip could borrow if he needs one…

I’m so ready for a David or an Ehud (or even a Jael!).

(Jake) #9

Chip is a decorated war hero who occasionally falls asleep wearing a grenade belt. I doubt means will be a factor if/when he puts it together.

(Kelly) #10

Chip falling asleep in his grenade belt is one of my favorite things about him! It’s so funny and perfectly endearing.

(Also looks like I need to update my quick little family tree, now that my memory is refreshed from those redux episodes…)

(Allan Eisses) #11

“Greetings, friend.” It’s so deliciously creepy. Hide your kids, hide your wife. He is such a creeper. Props to Ben for creating a very convincing, shiver inducing character.

(Chris Everling) #12

“We’ll just have to trade our lamination for lamentation” :joy:

(Dani McNeilly) #13

My favorite line too!

(Eric Wilson) #14

I’m confused about the Chasteens. I had thought of them as sane, kind, just quirky.

But they were a weird at the mall – I didn’t think they would go all lovey in front of a man who’s life is falling apart.

I’m guessing that we are seeing some seeds for saga 2.

(Jake) #15

I don’t think Brandon and Anna ever “go” lovey dovey. I think it takes them some effort to come out of it. The degree to which that is a weakness that will come into play is an interesting question though…

(Joseph Bayly) #16

…frantically refreshes podcast app… :expressionless:


(Caleb Starr) #17

I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” the same way ever again

(Kelly) #18

Thursday is only (counts on fingers…) (okay I can’t count right now) TOMORROW!

(Eric Wilson) #19

I’m not sure which was more heartbreaking – Matt’s refusal to acknowledge his knowlege/culpability or Erica’s full-on attack on her daughter. As a father, it might be the former, particularly in that I had some hope for Matt. (Or maybe, Matt’s failures are more relatable to me, so when I hope for him to succeed, I’m partially hoping that I would succeed in a similar situation.)

(Alex McNeilly) #20

Wait, you let your 6-year-old listen to SoS?