Pastoral care for fornicaters, sodomites, adulterers, effeminates

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Really great that you don’t avoid these issues with your men, but just curious why a letter and online form is necessary? Why not just be super intentional and ask each one what they are struggling with, in the normal course of your relationships with them? And part of that is something that I know you already do, which is to greet people at the door. I think you can figure out what a person’s issue is within 30 seconds.

I know that in my own business, I have restricted my customers from being passive. I don’t give them the opportunity to send me an email unless I already have an ongoing relationship with them. I do not have any contact forms on my website or social media. What I try to practice with my customers is that I don’t bite, that I am very approachable, and that calling is the best method. Besides, I sell more and solve issues more quickly this way.

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I guess the short answer is that we do both. We had a discussion about this very thing in our pastors meeting this past Tuesday. The online form provides a low-hurdle way to ask for help, but coming to one of the pastors and asking for help is, of course, welcome and encouraged as well.

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Not to mention the countless times the pastors and elders have noted a concern and taken the initiative to address it with somebody.

Edited to add: sometimes things are obvious in 30 seconds. Lots of times they aren’t, though.

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I do not have any contact forms on my website or social media.

I bet you miss some introverts this way. There are a lot of us who would do pretty much anything to avoid having to make a phone call.


That is one way to look at it. I don’t see writers as introverts. To me, they are passive window shoppers. I might spend 30 minutes doing a to-and-fro with a writer, and then get ghosted. With callers, I convert into customers or terminate the call within a reasonable amount of time. (This is for my business. I am not saying that the way I handle this is right for the church.) In the church, I am just advocating for intentionality instead of passivity, the way God blesses those destined for salvation, the way a shepherd aggressively watches over his sheep.

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I’m sure this is in response to what I wrote, but that puzzles me. Why would what I wrote indicate we avoid personal contact with fellow believers, sticking instead to email or social media?

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And if I’m forced to make a phone call, I’ll either delay it or forget about it. Horror of horrors. :wink: