Pastoral care for fornicaters, sodomites, adulterers, effeminates

(John M. ) #23

There is more cultural appetite for this than elite appetite. Framing this as “giving porn to kids”—which it is—puts it in its right context.

(Joel Norris) #24

Punishing malefactors would essentially require modesty from women, for which there is little appetite in our current society.

(John M. ) #25

As a society, we still manage to keep women from taking their clothes off in public, mostly, for now. We could apply the right combination of laws, policy, technology and punishment of malefactors to make a world where young men don’t have to lock their laptops in their cars at night.

Something similar to a DMCA takedown request, making platform owners responsible for cleaning up their own platforms, with legal liability only if they don’t, would bring us miles toward a cleaner Internet.

Very few content posters get punished due to DMCA takedown requests. Mostly the content just gets taken down. And from what I hear, the algorithms are good enough that if you put a few seconds of commercial bumper music in a podcast you post to YouTube, some algorithm will pick it up and de-publish your video.

I understand your point about modesty and largely agree with it, but I stand by my assertion that the problem could be solved if our elites wanted to solve it.