FREE Video Parody: “Selling the Gospel Like a Confidence Man”

(Nathan ) #1

(Nathan Smith) #2

I saw this on YouTube. I was hoping to find the original. I never heard of this guy, but i like his shirt :slight_smile: I could see myself in a shirt like that if I was a pastor.

(Jason Andersen) #3

I sense a touch of sarcasm in this video.

(Nathan ) #4

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(Heather Ummel) #5


I’m wondering how youtube’s algorithms work that the next suggestion that pops up is dude perfect surfing exercise balls :thinking:

(Joseph Bayly) #6

Reminds me of this scene from What About Bob:

(Eric Wilson) #7

My first thought is that recommendation algorithms are little more than random for content or users that they know very little about. Since Warhorn hasn’t posted many videos, and this video has very few views/likes at this time, the best information they have is what sort of videos you like to watch.

So if you were logged it, then that was YouTube’s idea of your tastes. :slight_smile:

But this stuff is really hard. Without exaggeration, some of the best algorithm experts employed by Google are working on the important question of “How can we get Heather to watch one more video?”

(Joseph Bayly) #8

Or rather, that was YouTube’s idea of the tastes of the combined users of your devices while you are logged in. And you (Heather) have teenage sons.

(Jay Simon) #9

I know all about this. I delete videos from my watch history on a regular basis so I don’t see suggestions for fortnite or pokemon or other random things my kids (or I) watch.

(Joseph Bayly) #10

We’re kind of off topic, but I can’t help but ask: Are you sure that has any effect at all? It’s not like you deleting it from your history makes Google forget that you watched it.

(Jay Simon) #11

I really think it does. I could be wrong, but I’ve been doing it a long time, a few years at least, and it seems to make a difference. I especially notice when I’ll watch something specific. For example, a few months back I watched a bunch of videos on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I haven’t done before or since. For a short time, many of my suggested videos were about BJJ or some other martial art, but I deleted those videos and I see nothing about that now. It can be kind of time consuming, so who knows if it’s really worth it. I do the same with music. I’ll get on some kick where I’ll watch/listen to a bunch of classic rock, but I don’t want youtube to think that’s what I want to see all the time. :man_shrugging:

(Eric Wilson) #12

I’d love to have a link to the original.

(Lucas Weeks) #13

Here you go:

(Joseph Bayly) #14

Ok, the original was… closer to the parody than I expected.

(Archie) #15

Seriously. How do you parody a parody? But they did it!

(Heather Ummel) #16

I have that problem where I get so embarrassed for other people it’s painful. Especially if they don’t know to be embarrassed for themselves. It makes lots of movies unwatchable for me (think Napoleon Dynamite). This made me want to hide my face for Chapell.

(Jon Swerens) #17

What’s crazy is that a Hollywood director selling something similar comes off as less conceited.

(Jon Swerens) #18

Reminds me of this FREE Video Parody: “Sir Ian McKellen on How to Act.”

(Nathan ) #19

I know exactly what you mean.

(Andrew Dionne) #20

Looks like he took the video down, but he does reference “previous videos” in the new one. It’s bad, but not nearly as bad…