FREE Video Parody: “Selling the Gospel Like a Confidence Man”

(Jake) #21

Nope. Still there:

(Andrew Dionne) #22

Oh, well. I expected too much, I suppose. :sunglasses:

(Tim Bayly) #23

This is so bad. In fact, I’d say it’s even worse than the last one because he did this one having had the benefit of criticism. Truthfully, the entire way through the video, I winced every time he equated his techniques with the work of the Holy Spirit. Over and over again. You register for his course, pay him tuition, learn his methods, and souls spring free. Watch it and listen carefully.

Then of course, there is the naked self-promotion all over again. His talk of scores of countries and thousands of people is sickening. But are any of us sickened, or have we become jaundiced by watching Gospel Coalition and listening to James MacDonald and Phil Ryken and Tim Keller and Don Carson and Wayne Grudem and Al Mohler and Russ Moore and Lig Duncan and his GRN buddies—all triumphalists in their own Baptist, cosmopolitan, or Presbyterian ways.

Personally, I can’t imagine how long the profs and trustees of Covenant Theological Seminary managed to get along with Bryan over them for so long. No wonder he’s gone. Can you imagine working day by day, month by month, year by year with such an egotist?

Finally, did you notice the woman placed so prominently in front of the camera paying Bryan tuition to teach her to “preach.”

Which is to say that “truth is in order to goodness” as our Presbyterian Preliminary Principle No. 4 puts it. Inversely we would say lies are in order to badness. The lie of woman preachers and the badness of arrogance and flattery and Simonism.


(Nathan Smith) #24

Just seems like a “reformed” version of a televangelist. ‘Give me your money and I’ll give you the keys to success’ - however he defines success. It gives me the creeps to think about pastors learning like this.