Can we invite other people yet?

(Kelly) #1

I’m assuming it’s okay to spread the word to our online friends about Sanityville? Any guidelines there, or can we just go for it?

Facebook Groups? Nah
(Joseph Bayly) #2

We’re not quite ready to go public. Although it’s not really a problem if the URL gets out and people start asking to signup, we’d prefer to announce it a bit later. Can you please direct them to the this post (or even just my email address) and tell them they should send me an email requesting access?

(Kelly) #3

I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet, except for my husband. I’ll hold off until you give the green light. :slight_smile:

(Joseph Bayly) #4

We are now open to the public and we will begin advertising that fact soon.

Feel free to share this site anywhere and with anyone you want.

(Lucas Weeks) #5

Please do! Here are a few tips on how to do that.