What's the best way to invite someone to Sanityville?

(Lucas Weeks) #1

We’ve been public for about a month, and the discussions here have been great. Thanks for joining in!

We want to build a community around our shared love for Jesus Christ and his church, and we want many more to join the conversation! We received some questions recently about how and what to share from Sanityville, and so here’s a quick primer:

What’s the best way to invite people to Sanityville?

The best way to invite someone to Sanityville is to share a conversation that you think they’ll enjoy. At the bottom and top of each topic, you’ll find a share button for the entire topic:

A share button also exists on each post of every topic, and you can use that to direct someone’s attention to a particular comment. If you click a share button, if will give you the opportunity to auto-magically share the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, or you can copy the URL that’s revealed when you click it and paste it anywhere you like.

What will visitors see when they arrive in Sanityville?

This is what new visitors see when they arrive on our homepage:

Please note:

  1. The blue box at the top welcoming them to Sanityville. That blue box appears on every page and does not go away until the user dismisses it.
  2. The globally pinned “Welcome to Sanityville!” post. That, also, will stay at the top until the user creates an account and removes it.

New users who aren’t logged in will also see an invitation to sign up at the bottom of each discussion:

We are considering various ways to make Sanityville more welcoming to newcomers. One idea is to add more information and/or links to the header. Here are two examples:

We’d love to hear suggestions for how to improve our welcome. Please let us know in the comments!

Can we invite other people yet?
(Tim Bayly) #2

Not what I asked for, but helpful. Still think there should be a clear place in the header and citizens should not have to go through reading this to realize what invitees will see.

(Joseph Bayly) #3

We could disallow dismissing the header notice but that would not be user-friendly. The whole point is that it’s there until you decide you don’t want to see it, and then you don’t have to anymore.

The early access people are the only ones that didn’t see this. Pretty sure nobody else will be confused about what it’s like to arrive as a newcomer.