Blood catharsis

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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Sound of WHAT??? Great surprise this am. Haven’t listened yet. I had wondered if y’all were gonna address the Joker. Looking forward.


I’m excited for another SoS. For a brief story that no one wanted but I will nonetheless provide: I first heard of Pastor Tim after some site reviewed Daddy Tried, which came out a little over a year after my first child was born. I devoured the book - love it and recommend it to all fathers and fathers-to-be - but was disappointed there wasn’t more of an “online presence” for Pastor Tim. Fast forward another couple of years and the iTunes Podcast app algorithm recommends me “The World We Made.” I eat that up, and after listening to that am pointed to “Sound of Sanity.”

This show (generally, I haven’t yet turned on the episode) is one of the most unique and enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to - and I say this as someone who counts podcasts as my primary form of entertainment (more than movies, television, music, and games; behind only reading). I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts, Christian and otherwise, and “Sound of Sanity” is among the very best. I know you guys are only loosely associated with anyone in the Fight Laugh Feast Network specifically - although I expect your audiences significantly overlap - but Warhorn, in its collection of shows, does what FLF aims to do, moving into a sphere and working excellence in the name of Christ, maybe even better than those guys (which is not a knock against the folks affiliated with FLF).

I appreciate your work, am glad SoS is back, and when I can carve out an allowance in my family budget to support some of my favorite podcasts, SoS will be first on the list.


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Not doing a Joker take per se. But I may or may not have made the mistake of seeing the movie, and it’s so empty and cowardly and devoid of anything to say about the nature of evil, or the nature of society, or even the nature of The Joker, that I would hate to dignify it with further discussion. Plus it’s got a scene of nasty graphic violence just to appease the drooling fanboys. Boooooo!


Well, that pithy review along with the content on this SOS episode is, I’d say, sufficient.

I’ve never thought about these slasher films and the like in such a way. I guess I never watched them as a kid. Those films about the one night per year for Americans to kill with impunity (EDIT: The Purge - I looked up the name later.) really drives the theme home.

A combination of disapproving parents and general lack of interest kept me out of the horror genre. I’m really not sure which was more instrumental in my avoiding them. Never saw a Scream and only one Freddy Kreuger. Now when Paranormal Activity came out, I checked it out. I found that to be an impressive film. Very affective.

At any rate, I think the blood lust in movies is something Christan men need to grapple with. I was convicted about it myself just a few years ago - between Expendables 2 and 3. (Though these are really parodies of the action genre, especially by the time they hit three).

But I digress. Appreciate the episode. Keep up the good work. Makes me think.

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I read that book probably 15 years ago, but I’ll admit I’d forgot all about it. It’s a good book, probably the best on the subject. I’m sure it influenced some of my thinking, although I remember thinking that he made too many blanket generalizations.