Youth Gender Divide

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Not to be simplistic, but – Men and women have a moderating effect on one another. Marriage is an emulsifier. The global exchange of marriage for sterile laissez-faire fornication is causing society to become unglued. And feminism is exacerbating the differences by putting the sexes constantly at loggerheads.

That’s the best “theory of everything”- sort of explanation I can think of for why we’re seeing this diversion in cultures around the globe.


If you want to read an extended treatment of your “moderating effect,” Joshua, read Gillder’s “Men and Marriage” formerly titled “Sexual Suicide.” Today, after seeing several references to this issue, I commented: "Guys talking abt men growing more conservative than women. Cite stats of growing divide. Simply shows 2nd sex has cut themselves loose frm 1st sex & are now on their own. As in the Garden, independent of man’s authority & protection, women will be vulnerable & deceived. #manwoman

Not sure men aren’t more responsible than women. Love,


In this respect, what do we know of what is happening in our own ranks? Are we seeing that same divide in worldview?