You're Supposed to Sing!

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:


I can’t listen just yet, but I’m looking forward to this. I better hear you all try a few lines!

I’ll be interested to hear if the idolatry of good hymn singing is brought up. I found that to be an issue in some circles growing up, though the singing itself was beautiful and perfectly fine if viewed by the singers as all straw before God. It was hard for me to learn that a bunch of lousy singers who don’t care about SATB parts can still be truly saved. After that, I had to learn that I could contribute my enjoyment of singing to the church and benefit my fellow members without lapsing into the issues I observed in my youth.


I have seen churches criticised for appearing to pay more attention to the music and sung worship than to the preaching of the Word; but once the lockdowns started many of us then realised just how important the sung worship is.


Hey! Is there a link to download this podcast? I tried the link here: Out of Our Minds | The Evangelical Church: Where Are We Today?, but every time I try to download a file it says “Network error.”

Brian Marr

Downloading the episode is not straight-forward, but it can be done. When you go to that link you sent, you have to then click “share” (which is a link that doesn’t appear until you hover your pointer in the right place), then click the button with the down arrow. Here’s the link.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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The concept of going from polyphonic to a simpler style was interesting. Making it easier for people. I’ve only heard of going the other way.


Thankful for this episode.

I found Bonhoeffer’s discussion in Life Together about singing in unison to be memorable and helpful, and have referenced it in numerous conversations when I detect someone is starting to put too much anxiety into singing in harmony.

Harmony can be done well, but it can also be done in distraction. Bonhoeffer helps keep us grounded on what we’re shooting for.