Young Men are Rocket Ships

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:


There is much in this episode I agree with and appreciate. I especially agree with loving men that are bloodied. It’s why I love Pastor Matt Trewhella who didn’t receive much love in this episode. He’s served for 30 years faithfully as a pastor. He’s been arrested about 100 times defending the preborn with several months in jail. He’s been slandered all over the the internet and in the media. He’s been spat on and worse for preaching the gospel in the streets. He’s has countless churches who were supposed to be partners distance themselves because of his speaking to sin. He’s got 11 kids whom I believe every one is walking with the Lord. The Lord has blessed his book the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. But the man’s bloody. His sermon for young men has been a constant blessing to me.

I do agree that young men need good guidance and to have their zeal aimed rightly. One area zeal needs aimed is having a zeal for the honor and good name of the brethren not only in our presbytery or local churches but wherever they may be found.


Where is this?

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After this comment, I listened to the episode and told Joseph much of what seemed aimed at Matt was not. I gave Joseph names, but for obvious reasons, didn’t in the podcast. No one questions Matt Trewella’s commitment to his congregation, pastoral ministry, and family. Love,


I listened to both. Both helpful. Matt seems to be quite ready for magistrates to interpose now

Perhaps he is right, time will tell.

I appreciate your comments about being faithful in the small things before interposing. Both necessary.

Of course he is right, but keep in mind that politics is the art of the possible. Rigidity in tactics dooms strategy. No matter how principled a civil authority is, and promotes himself to co-belligerents as, the proof of the pudding is results, and results are what we are seeing in state after state. Results short of abolition, but only True Believers argue that these results postpone abolition. I think not. Love,