Young children's Bible memory verses

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Does anyone have recommendations for Bible memory verses for toddlers? I think there are simplified versions of verses which is helpful (eliminating difficult words for 2-year-olds to pronounce and such) but I’m wary about just googling since it’s likely that most will change the verses in big and bad ways. If anyone has a good resource for this kind of thing I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

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Desiring God has a lot. I also think some enterprising soul put the DG sets into quizlet which you can use to make your own sets on various platforms.

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Got any links for these things?

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The second link in the page below is the memory list used at Tenth Presbyterian. I believe it’s remained unchanged since the Boice era, and may possibly be older than that.

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We just started with Psalm 1. It’s pretty funny, and really sweet, to hear their little voices trying to pronounce all the words!

It’s all of a piece with our decision to read “hard” books to them- they understand much more than we think!!

But I understand the appeal of shorter, simpler verses, and I like that ABC scheme; it seems like it’d be fun for everybody.

I did want to chime in, though, and encourage everyone to give the “tougher” verses a try. You might be surprised at what your children can do. :slight_smile:

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When my son was very little he had Psalm 1 memorized just from my wife and me reading it out loud after dinner every night. I think it’s still rattling around in his brain.

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Recently I heard a three year old recite most of Psalm 1, get confused near the end, and launch seamlessly into the middle of Psalm 139, which his older brother had memorized for school.

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Here is a link for set one.

Looks like I made them myself (it’s been years). I just use Quizlet to make cards but I use “Flashcards by NKO” for actual memory work (sorry SoSers… I tried Verses but liked my other app more).

Edit: here is a link that goes to my Quizlet sets if anyone’s interested.

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We use this regularly as a family- . My husband found it at a homeschool convention, but it looks like they have a lot of other resources, like an ABC type memory book. Our son had just turned 3 when we started using it with him, but our daughter is 2 and is starting to learn some of them.
I do agree that Desiring God has some good resources, too. I’ve been using the Fighter Verses app for myself and think it was well worth the few dollars I paid for it. It has the kid verses on there, too, and a picture cue to associate with the verse.

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Thanks for the responses! I’ll look through the links and suggested materials. :slight_smile:

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Unsolicited advice: Don’t be afraid to have a 2 year-old memorize difficult words. The child will only be two for 12 months, but it’s likely that the version of the scripture memorized by the 2 year old will stick for a lifetime.

Small children are memorization machines. The things they learn when they are small will provide them with a lifetime library of knowledge no farther away than their brains.

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So there is an app called Fighter Verses, and one of the plans is called Foundations and is oriented toward kids.

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