Worship music you used to love

(Joseph Bayly) #1

This week’s poll is not actually a poll, but it should be fun…

We’re having a conference on worship next month. (You should come!) Anyway, it reminded us that there are a lot of things that have changed over the years.

What worship song (or group) did you love when you were younger but are now ashamed to admit it?

(Lucas Weeks) #2

Well, I’m not sure I’m ashamed to admit it exactly, but I definitely listened to this album a lot:

(Tim Bayly) #3

Dark Side of the Moon. Seriously.

(Nathan ) #4

Shine Jesus Shine :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face::neutral_face:

(Jason Andersen) #5

Oh, wow. It’s been no fewer than 20 years since I’ve seen that song referenced.

I’m gonna go ahead and second this one.

(Tom Kidd) #6

Intervarsity (circa 1990) - Keith Green songs, lots of Scripture songs (Micah 6:8), "They’ll Know We Are Christians by our Love.

Personal (in the 90s) - At the Foot of the Cross (project of the Choir), Rich Mullins (esp. Liturgy, Legacy)

PCA congregation (circa 2002) - Indelible Grace, City on a Hill project

(Daniel Meyer) #7

Vineyard Winds of Worship 7…

(Dominick) #8

‘In the Secret’ by Sonicflood, those lyrics… :confounded:

(Heather Ummel) #9

Wait, surely you don’t mean you’re ashamed you listened to Keith Green or Rich Mullins??

We were introducing our kids to Christian music we used to listen to recently, and it was all pretty hysterical. The funniest by far: Petra. I had no idea how bad it was! But truly, the ragamuffin band album has aged unbelievably well as we also recently discovered.

(Joseph Bayly) #10

Uh oh. I sense the fun coming to an abrupt end…

Let’s get this back on track with something truly embarrassing. I doubt anybody can top mine:

(Lucas Weeks) #11

Petra is awesome. That is all.

(Tom Kidd) #12

Sorry I exhibited the symptoms of the male disease of reading emails/posts haphazardly and didn’t pay attention to to the ashamed part. No, even today I listen to Rich Mullins and catechize my children with his songs. Love it when my son plays Creed and the Color Green on our hammer dulcimer.

(Heather Ummel) #13

I was assuming that, which is why I wanted to give you the chance to retract that statement :blush: Oh, and of course your kids play hammer dulcimer; I’m extremely jealous!

(Jon Swerens) #14

Petra was awesome until the wheels fell off with the Beat the System album.

Of course, that is the album I loved at the time and the tour for which I saw the band at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

(Jon Swerens) #15

We owned maybe eight of the albums in the Hosanna Music Praise Worship series.

(Actually, I haven’'t heard this one in decades. It might be … not bad. Except for the audience clapping etc.)

(Heather Ummel) #16

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hmm, how to get to 20 characters. Now I understand those weird comments my dad makes.

(Heather Ummel) #17

Nobody has mentioned, “I Can Only Imagine”

(AndreasM) #18

dc Talk -Nu thang… ugh

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #19

I’ve got to continue the Petra bandwagon. I used to blast these songs on the highest setting and sing until I was hoarse:

Beyond Belief
Lord I Lift Your Name on High
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
King of Kings
I Will Call Upon the Lord

(Timothy J. Hammons) #20

Once Duane died, the Allman Brothers were never the same. :frowning: