Women leading in worship: the Godly woman's conundrum

(Tim Bayly) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

(Nathan Smith) #2

What about leading “the women’s ministry?”

This is obviously not out of line with prohibitions against women leading men. But what about the command for women to keep silent and ask their husbands at home? How does that command interact with Titus 2 “older” women?

(Tim Bayly) #3

I’m talking about worship, brother. Sorry, but no time for your question right now, and not here.

(Nathan Smith) #4

Well… I take it no simple answer then :grinning: This sentence from your 2/24 article confused me on what you meant by worship:

“Yes, women sing in the choir and play the organ and piano and direct the choir, but women also show you to your seat and collect the offering and serve the bread and wine and read the Scripture and give the announcements and exhort the congregation concerning the importance of the upcoming congregational meeting and call the congregation to worship and lead the pastoral prayer…”

I took from that sentence that you had in view the whole life of the church as worship.

Not trying to split hairs or change the topic of conversation, just explaining where I’m coming from. There’s no need to reply to this either.

(Tim Bayly) #5

I understand, but everything I mentioned was in the context of Lord’s Day corporate worship, dear brother. Love,