Woman Gets Uber Driver Fired For Refusing To Take Her To Get An Abortion. Now

(Zak Carter) #1

Lord, give me the courage to bear such mistreatment for protecting innocent life.

(Lucas Weeks) #2

Thanks very much for sharing. The “sharing economy” has come into existence because of the platforms provided by our tech overlords. I’m not surprised to read this story – I’ve actually been surprised that we haven’t seen more of it.

(Daniel Meyer) #3

God bless that man and his family. May he become neither proud nor fearful, but a strong man like Job in this generation.

But the Lord rebuke that murderous woman.

(Zak Carter) #4

Uh oh. Apparently there is some question as to whether this actually happened… Not sure what to make of this particular story now.

(Click through to see the video).

The principle is the same, obviously, of being willing to get fired over this conviction. And I’m sure more will become clear in the coming days.

(Lucas Weeks) #5

Well done, circling back around. :clap: