Wokeness is the embodiment of Calvinism's main straw man

I just read an article titled “Identity politics is Christianity without redemption.” It was fairly interesting, but not particularly well-written. The main thrust as seen in the title of the article is definitely on point, though.

Wokeness is a religion. And it definitely doesn’t allow for any redemption. Oddly enough, instead of comparing identity politics to Christianity, she compares it to a straw man of calvinism. The fact that she finds it remarkably similar is an astute observation. The best section of the article is these paragraphs:

But the problem with identity politics as a secular religion is precisely its failure to allow for absolution. The faith that Saad espouses is utterly bleak, even cloaked as it is in words of love. It utterly fails to allow for redemption, and its most direct religious antecedent is found in Calvinist predestination.

Under this doctrine, God has predetermined whether you are damned or elect. From the second that the right sperm hit it lucky with the most fecund egg, your place in the woke hierarchy was decided. In the modern progressive world, informed by intersectional feminists, it does not matter what you say or do, the only defining factor in your state of grace is your skin, gender and sexuality.

This is a profoundly depressing outlook for three main reasons. The first is the essential nihilism in the creed. Your intent? Irrelevant. Your deeds? Likewise. The sum of your experience, desires, longings, beliefs? Your humanity itself? Nah, not relevant.

She then goes on to point out their equivalent of original sin—“White people are racist by their nature”—and the hopelessness of it all:

A rare few came to believe they were not elect, and tortured themselves with it. If this sounds familiar, you have probably met an apologetic white male ally of the woke.

It’s sad that the author doesn’t believe in actual atonement, just “the well-meaning stumble towards decency.” But telling the wokeness police that people are basically good and will stumble toward doing good things is absurd. Because it’s false, and they know it. Even if they call good evil and evil good, they know enough to know people aren’t good. So redemption depends on God.

At any rate, I think it is worth noting that the identity politics movement is very much a religion, and a hopeless one at that. There is indeed no redemption possible in there.

Edited to add: By the way, I should probably add that understanding the hopelessness of wokeness is a great start to loving evangelism of those that have given themselves over to this false religion. Have any of you had an opportunity to declare the Good News to those caught in this hopeless doctrine of demons?