Wisdom on colleges

It’s been a few years since this topic was raised and we could use some more up-to-date info. Our son is a junior and hopes to go to college (he’s currently thinking pre-law, but has interest in economics and other areas). So far he’s expressed interest in Hillsdale, Grove City, New St. Andrews, and New College Franklin.

Any input on colleges? We’re located in Northern Wisconsin and he’d like to stay in the Midwest but is open to options further from home. Any advice, thoughts, experiences, etc. would be welcome. Thanks.


How well are men prepared to enter the professional workforce after graduating from these super conservative colleges?

Does your son have career ideas already, like teacher or another profession?
Does he plan tongo directly or a few years later into grad school?

What are the churches like in these towns?

I know there are fathers here who have sent many children to Hillsdale and can comment on churches there. I visited a few churches in Moscow on different visits and wouldn’t recommend a particular one yet, but I’m too picky.