Why the name "Evangel Presbytery"?

(Andrew Dionne) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Andrew Dionne:

(Ben Carmack) #2

Evangel brings to my mind the Louisville based Pentecostal church with an extensive TV presence. I’m happy to have a new thing to associate the name with.

(Eric Wilson) #3

How do you pronounce it? Is the g hard or soft?

(Joseph Bayly) #4

Soft. Just like the start of “evangelism”.

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #5

I’m very grateful for all of your work for the sake of Christ’s church. I realize you guys are despised in some of the circles that should be most grateful for you (I’m thinking PCA), I’ve tasted this a bit in the E-Free and non-denominational, baptistic world, and it’s no fun. But, for what it’s worth, I’m grateful for you and often encourage other pastors and believers to make use of your podcasts, blogs, sermons, and books.

(Andrew Dionne) #6

Thank you, brother. Very encouraging.