Why Christians should leave proclaiming the Gospel to their heroes

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Or, very commonly, our fathers in the faith, including our very literal fathers and grandfathers. Those poor, benighted souls who did so much damage to the poor gays and lesbians and whoever else that they never had heard of. Not like us, of course.


Great point! If there is evil, there must be an Enemy. You should name him and shame him. If you can’t name a human, you have to name Satan. That’s even more embarassing if you care about The World, so you’re left with having to name a human or a group of humans.

Privately, I’ve already answered one reader asking for his name, explaining that I’m friends with this man, and although I hope he reads the piece, I’m not going to identify him. As for corporate identity, this kind of “hired gun” ministry is very common. No need to focus on one person. Love,