"Whoa, homie’s wearing $800 track pants." (@preachersnsneakers)

(Joseph Bayly) #1

Example post:

What a pastor wears is a public statement and is open to public comment. Much of what a pastor does is open to public comment, in fact. This isn’t even public commenting. It’s simply public documentation. Pretty amazing.

Article about it, including interview with the guy running the account:

One great quote:

All I know is that you’re on the 'gram wearing a $2,000 pair of boots. I can’t reconcile it. I can’t think of a meaningful explanation as to why you would feel 100% okay with wearing a pair of boots that probably the majority of your congregation could never afford. I am just here to say ‘Whoa, homie’s wearing $800 track pants.’ Y’all do with that what you want, you know?

Particularly perverse though, is this sad nugget:

I had a Dallas-based pastor reach out to me and ask to be featured on the page yesterday.

Also really funny though, is that the same site ran another article back in 2017 gushing about these very same pastors and their high fashion:

In that piece one pastor said:

“If I walk into a place and I’m wearing something that makes people go, ‘that’s a cool outfit,’ I am working with an advantage, rather than a disadvantage of like, ‘man, those are really whack sneakers.’”

I wonder whether in two years “whack sneakers” will be a compliment. :slight_smile:

(Joseph Bayly) #2

It’s interesting that many people are still willing to acknowledge the money problem, but the vanity problem seems entirely unspoken.

(Fr. Bill Mouser) #3

Maybe some quiet time in Ecclesiastes is in order.

Makes me wonder what any of these fashion plates would do if they were required to preach through Ecclesiastes.

(John Trocke) #4

I don’t see what the problem is. I heard John the Baptist (or as I like to call him J.Bap) was frequently seen in Jordan.

(Nathan Smith) #5

I literally can’t imagine wearing clothes that expensive. The article mentions stewardship as “Christianese” for how church leaders spend money, but its really something for all believers.

I guess I don’t know exactly where the line is, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a number but more of a way of thinking. Wisdom and leadership don’t follow protocols. There’s something about working out your salvation with fear and trembling in that dusty old Book somewhere…

The whole concept of these guys wearing these clothes reminds me of something I read about the concept of “cool” in the church. I think singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson said it… Basically we want to make Jesus and his church “cool” to a world that worships coolness. And that ain’t right.

(Doug Newell) #6

How could anyone take a man seriously who wore tiger slippers and pajamas? Says a lot about him and as much about the people who could listen to him.

I imagine the reformed celebrities “conservatively” wardrobe cost just as much and they are just as vain.

(Matthew Hoover) #7

He probably gets flak from another direction for the USA socks and thinks to himself “I just can’t win!”

(Zak Carter) #8

It sounds like the first disadvantage he’s working with is being surrounded by hearers who evaluate him by the “coolness” of his clothing. The second disadvantage is that he thinks pandering to their idiosyncratic tastes will actually get them to listen to him.

I thought preaching against consumerism was supposed to be trendy these days. This would actually be an area where excoriating such lavishness–and the gross vanity that feeds it–would be called for.

(Joseph Bayly) #9

No pajamas in this one:

(John Trocke) #10

Let’s open the real can of worms - what kind of cars are Christians driving?

(John Trocke) #11

You have to check out this David Crank guy’s blog https://davidcrank.com/blog/

I’m not sure it isn’t a parody. The April 04 post on Pride is jaw dropping!

Edit: this post is particularly relevant to this thread: https://davidcrank.com/if-the-shoe-fits/

(Joseph Bayly) #12

That’s his official personal website, according to his verified Twitter account. No parody.

(Heather Ummel) #13

It’s, just too awful, to even keep, looking at his blog.

(Heather Ummel) #14

That was confusing. It made it seem as though the ones running the Instagram account were the ones that wrote the article a couple of years ago gushing about the pastors’ fashion. I see now it’s some fashion blog that ran that article a couple years ago and now ran an article on this Instagram guy who’s calling the pastors out for it.

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #15

Imelda Marcos has nothing on these guys!

(Jesse Tiersma) #16

People usually think of women in discussions of modesty, which is appropriate since that’s usually the context of the Biblical texts on modesty. The general thrust of biblical texts on modesty is in regards to ostentatious displays of clothing, dressing to draw attention to yourself. This is generally a more pressing problem with women, which is why the Bible speaks to them on this issue. When men draw attention to themselves in such an ostentatious manner, it is both immodest and effeminate. Immodest by definition, and effeminate because they are giving into womanly temptations.

Also, when the pastor is obviously the most wealthiest dressed man in church, I’m pretty sure you’re violating, at least in principle, James’s prohibition on giving the wealthy the best seat in church.


(Jeremy Vander Galien) #17

My sentiment precisely. This is gross. Revolting. Yuck. I hate this for the souls under these men. Those poor children!

(Jay Tuck) #18

“Can’t you see you’re not making Christianity better? You’re just making rock and roll worse!” - Hank Hill