Who Do We Submit To?

There has been a ton of talk about how the Presidential election might turn out. Among the talk is that both sides may claim victory. It may be very questionable on who actually has won. Accusations of fraud will be made. Here is my question and one we should think about. If both sides were to lay claim to victory and began to issue orders, which would have the right to lay claim to authority and who would we be obligated to submit to.

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Are you assuming that the appeal process goes all the way to the Supreme Court, is decided, and the losing party refuses to accept the decision and sets up an opposition government?

I think the chances of that are exceedingly small.

I agree that it seems unlikely. And why would anyone be receiving orders from national politicians? Unless you are in military or federal agency police command, your life should continue as normal in nearly any domestic political crisis.

Perhaps exceedingly small.

But if something goes to the Supreme Court, two very real possibilities are a 4-4 tie on the Supreme Court with the current configuration, or a Trump nominee being the one who takes it to 5-4. Neither one would be met with acquiescence from the Left.

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Yes, but have we had anything that can honestly be described as acquiescence from the left under our current President? Truthfully, I think we are growing ever closer to political anarchy in our divided nation, and that’s why I’m sympathetic to those who refuse to honor the left’s COVID-19 flag although I remain supportive of submitting to the civil and church authorities in its regard. Love,