White evangelicals: the long bulwark against evil?

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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Long? Will I understand this pun after listening?

You will understand that our titler made the same typo someone in the episode does.

I have this bookmarked to listen later. I am, personally, very tired of Stephen Wolfe’s constant flirting with ethnic separatist ideologies. He tweets things, like this, that have an obvious white nationalist subtext; then, as soon as he gets criticism from people who perceive the subtext, backpedals to, “What? The statement is, on its face, literally true. Why, these crazy SJWs are looking for racism everywhere! Unlike me, they are cowards who fear stating plain truths for fear of being called racists!” Then his critics are divided from his unstable young male fanbase, leaving them open to further manipulation and insinuations. It is a very clever tactic for someone who wants to smuggle white nationalism into the Presbyterian churches. It is also utterly effeminate and shameful. Speak plainly.


I waver between thinking it’s a maliciously clever tactic and he’s just bad at rhetoric, but the net result is as you say.


I’ve had Wolfe fans shoot back at me that preference for your own tribe is not a sin and that the modern concept of “racism” is bs. I responded “If your daughter fell in love with a Christian man from another tribe, would you prevent the marriage?” and got the response “She has a duty to her own tribe to marry within”.

I didn’t know where to go after that…


They stir up division within the Body, unjustly accusing those in inter-ethnic marriages of sin, and unsettling the consciences of many. Evil and lamentable. However, their ideology is gaining ground because the Church has largely capitulated to racial grievance mongers. “Biblical” tribalism is the backlash, and unstable people are carried right along with it.


Tell him he’s a Judaizer/tribalist/racist. Not Keller’s kind, but the kind condemned by the Apostle Paul in Galatians 3:23. When African Americans, Jews, or Chinese/Asians came into our church, I warned then not to hold tightly to their racial/ethnic/national identity. After explaining that America is not at all Christian, I would add, “I’m not an American. I’m a Christian.” Then, “If you confess faith in Jesus Christ, following your baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ, you will not be Chinese, but simply a Christian.”

What our Lord meant when He warned we must “hate” father and mother was that we must also hate US, China, Israel, Jewishness, Blackness, Asianness, etc. If the Lordship of Jesus trumps the basic unit of all society, which is the family, His Lordship also trumps loyalty to race and tribe and nation.

This does not mean we can’t love and honor our parents any more than it means we can’t love and honor our race or motherland. Yet only as long as, first and foremost, we “hate” our race or motherland. Love,


So what do we owe our tribe/race/motherland? Obviously not everything. But, nothing?

Revelation 7:9 indicates that nations, tribes, peoples and tongues persist beyond the grave. What does that mean practically here?

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I live in a city in the UK with a population of half a million. In it, we have a fair number of churches, including at least two which cater to the numbers of Africans in the city. It is not that these people wouldn’t be welcome in our churches, they’d be perfectly welcome. But it is the case that the ‘culture’ in the African churches is such that the people who go there feel far more ‘at home’, to coin a phrase.

(We also have a Chinese church, but that is so people can worship in their mother tongue; not the same thing).

First, Christian or not, we owe our closest and dearest associations and relations hatred. When Jesus commanded us to hate our fathers and mothers, did those listening respond saying, “But Lord, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives persist in Heaven, so we can’t owe them nothing here on earth. What DO we owe them (other than hatred, of course, just as You just said)?” In this connection, keep track of our Lord’s public relegations of His mother during his life.

Scripture commands us to submit to those in authority over us; to honor our rulers. So for sure, this is our duty and debt to our nation and state and tribe. We might start there. And I’m inclined to agree that any man is a monster who has no love for his motherland as for his mother. And God has set nations’ boundaries and placed us in this or that one. So said the Apostle Paul in the Areopagus. And if we love our neighbors, we owe them our repentance for our nation’s sins… Love,


“Regarding our eternal salvation it is true that one must not distinguish between man and woman, or between king and a shepherd, or between a German and a Frenchman. Regarding policy however, we have what St. Paul declares here; for our Lord Jesus Christ did not come to mix up nature, or to abolish what belongs to the preservation of decency and peace among us… Regarding the kingdom of God (which is spiritual) there is no distinction or difference between man and woman, servant and master, poor and rich, great and small. Nevertheless, there does have to be some order among us, and Jesus Christ did not mean to eliminate it, as some flighty and scatterbrained dreamers [believe].”
-John Calvin


It’s simply the basic interpretation of the text with the fundamental truth, as Calvin says, being to acknowledge our proper civil authority. Geographically. Nationally. Sexually…

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