When submission is perfectly right and good and true

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

When men disrespect civil authority, you can bet a couple things. First, they are often bad husbands and fathers, whether that failure is passivity or being overbearing. Second, they are often bad at honoring and submitting to their elders, also. Third (and almost always), they aren’t nearly as speckless in their relationship to their boss at work as they are to the civil authority or their elders, and this because they love security and money, and they’re fully aware of the ever-present possibility that their boss will fire them.

Excellent observation! So much of the fear about what Biden will do, what Pritzger will do, what the EU will do, is motivated by fear of poverty.


I am comfortable saying there are often situations where whether something is sin is less black and white and it takes faith and a general deference to the authorities to navigate those circumstances. We need to examine our consciences (and have them trained by shepherds) to see if they are correctly guiding us and not just finding excuses to rebel because we conveniently found a certain commandment to be impure and “sinful.”

I am not as comfortable saying that obedience in those circumstances is obedience to commands to sin.


One thought about Daniel which was raised with me many years ago. We all know what he said “no” to, but what did he say “yes” to?

On a related note: my take on a lot of the resistance to vaccinations, church lockdowns and even mask mandates, is that these issues have served as a flashpoint for a whole lot of frustrations we had and have about things, wokedom especially. In resisting the civil authorities in these matters, we were using these things as a surrogate for pushing back on other things.


I had the opportunity to preach this last Lord’s Day morning at our church. My elders asked me to wear a tie (those extra-biblical tyrants!), which afforded me the opportunity to give a little pre-sermon to talk a bit about submission to authority in matters of disagreement over relatively small things.

Here’s a link if anyone is interested. First 11 minutes.