When AI Seems Useful

Article on the fascinating and exciting work of deciphering ancient Roman scrolls using artificial intelligence technologies. Exciting if you’re a nerd like me: Bloomberg


My wife: “Only time I’ve been excited about AI, which shows how unimaginative I am.”

I think her imagination rightly keeps her from being excited about most uses of AI.

Increasing understanding of past writing is an excellent use of the technology.

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Interesting. I was discussing “The Complimentarian Subversion” with an associate pastor on Sunday. He’s a WSC grad and was put off by the title. He gave the same old arguments, that malakoì is contextually the passive recipient when paired with arsenokoites.

Later that night I decided to put his arguments to the test in ChatGPT. The conversation is extremely telling. I gave AI every opportunity to agree with the Complimentarians, and it couldn’t find a single reason to do it.

GabAI fairly similar

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Assuming there isn’t some hidden knowledge that has never been publish or reference online, and thus somehow out of the scope of AI’s knowledge bank, how can these pastors and translators rely on a rule (regarding the pairing of malakoi and arsenokotes) which seems entirely made up. Did anyone double check to see if this supposed rule was substantiated anywhere?

There is no rule. They made it up. Remember, they’ve deleted or gagged or changed thousands of words of the sacred text, now. Even the ESV has done many, and the other Bibles mainly used by Evangelicals are, as I said, in the thousands. Researched this carefully when writing Grace of Shame, and documented it there. ESV guys are mockworthy on this, yet everyone repeats it b/c no one wants to talk about cleaning inside of homosexual cup. Think Revoice. It’s humorous that gay guys are truthful on malakoi while Evangelical Bible scholars lie. Love,


I don’t understand why this view got so much traction and gets such fierce defenders. Even if it were true, it would still make the same point (in the way that warnings negatively against prostitutes apply positively to feminine modesty).