What's the deal with flair and titles in Sanityville?

(Joseph Bayly) #1

In various places throughout Sanityville, when you see somebody’s user profile picture it will have a little flair image at the bottom right overlaid on top of it. Similarly, you will often see a title to the right of (or below) somebody’s username. For example, in the following screenshot I’ve circled the flair (a green badge) and the title (“Sanityville Citizen”).

In brief, flair and titles are an indicator of membership in one of the official Sanityville groups. Here is a list of all the groups, with their flair and titles:

These are mostly self-explanatory, but there are a couple of things we want everybody to note:

  • Each of these groups is intended to combat the leveling nature of most internet discourse. With elders and pastors, we expect you to give their posts greater weight, given their office, and respond to them appropriately.
  • Please do not attempt to modify your own title or flair. They will likely be overwritten by us anyway.

Other info:

  • Patron groups were created as a fun way to thank our financial supporters. Membership in these groups is automatic, regardless of whether you apply for citizenship.
  • All other groups require you to apply for citizenship first and are manually applied at that time. If you are a pastor or elder but you haven’t applied for citizenship, we are not intentionally snubbing you by not adding you to the appropriate group.
  • You can be a part of multiple groups at once, but only one flair and title can be displayed per user. We currently prioritize the display as follows:
    1. Pastor or elder
    2. Patron of some sort (unordered)
    3. Citizen
    4. Settler
  • Sometimes if a user is part of multiple groups we might accidentally show the title from one group and the flair from another, but we try to keep them in sync. Let us know if you see this happen and we will fix it.
  • Settlers are those who asked for early access to SV, prior to our public launch. It is the only group with a title, but no flair.
  • moderators do have flair, but it is displayed next to their name like so:
  • We also have a few custom titles that we’ve assigned to certain users for fun here and there.

(Paul Ojanen) #2

Thanks for the explanation.

(Valerie) #3

Fixed mine for ya!