What Kevin doesn't understand

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Good article but I almost spit out my coffee when I read the author considered Keller a “central leader.” KDY is just Keller 2.0.

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I think the author’s point is that evangelicalism considers Keller a central leader, not that the author does.


Yes, David has been as opposed to Tim Keller as I’ve been.

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Great point from David but hard to swallow after the facemasks fiasco and FV and paedocommunion, all of which did and do damage to the church.


No one is more opposed to FV and paedocommunion than David.

One thing I haven’t really seen addressed in any of the Moscow Mood articles is the habit that has been developed by Wilson, Sumpter, etc. of making very sweeping and outlandish statements like “Mask are idolatry” or “Baptists caused transgenderism” or “Tucker Carlson wanting to ban AI trucks is a denial of the Nicene Creed.”

The latter two quotes happened after Covid so I only see it getting worse. I don’t know how you can maintain such rhetoric and not burn every bridge eventually.

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Just one clarifying question: at the end of the article David says that he opposes Doug’s solution. Is this just a reference to Doug’s opposition to covid? Or is there something else more substantial?

Dear brothers, I think both David and I are weary of things we’ve gone over and over for fifteen years. The problems David referred to aren’t simply FV/paedocommunion/Covid. But we love and appreciate Doug, and that was the purpose of this article (which, by the way, I asked David to write). I don’t mind you men discussing these things, but David and I don’t want the positive to be subsumed under the negative, here and now. Hope you understand, with love,


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I was grateful that David wrote it. He cleared up much of the confusion I had, doing so with clarity and respect. It’s refreshing to have his thoughts on the issue. Thanks for asking him to write it.