What does the glowy blue halo around a profile pic mean?

(Valerie) #1

The question is in the post title, but it won’t let me post without putting some content here, so here’s some content…some truly heart-stopping, mind-blowing, world-changing content…

(Joseph Bayly) #2

Not sure I’ve seen it. Can you post a screenshot of an example?

(Valerie) #3

(Lucas Weeks) #4

I believe it indicates who wrote the last post on the thread.

(Valerie) #5

Reasonable guess, but then every post would have one.

(Valerie) #6

Maybe the last person to post if that person was also the one who started the thread. Just can’t figure out why that’d be useful info…

(Jason Andersen) #7

I believe it is meant to connote the holiest person in the thread.

(Nathan Smith) #8

Gonna have to disagree with you there…I don’t see myself haloed very often.

(Valerie) #9

Says the modest fellow who is haloed in my example. :joy:

(Nell ) #10

If you hover over the halo with your cursor you will see that it indicates that the person who originally posted is also the last one to comment on it. I think.

(Joseph Bayly) #11

Yep. @MrsFyootch got it I think. It appears that the pictures communicate more than I realized. As far as I can tell, the first picture is always the original poster. The last picture is always the latest poster. Except for when the original is also the latest, in which case the original poster gets a halo. Any pictures in the middle are some of the frequent posters in that topic.

Also of note: On mobile only the picture of the most recent poster is shown, and no halo is displayed, even if they are also the original poster.