What are homeschool co-ops doing next year?

I’m asking on behalf of a friend in a “parent-run co-op” for K-6.

How are home-school co-ops making decisions for how to run schooling next year?

What sort of changes are you considering (or refusing), and why?

(If this topic gets some traction, then I’ll invite my friend here.)


I’m on the leadership team of our fairly large (for a small town, about 20 families) k-12 co-op. Our last planning meeting was at the end of April, and so much was unknown then that we decided to wait to see what the local public schools were going to do as far as restrictions or changes go.

Unless there is a big local flare up in case numbers, I suspect we will meet as normal but ask families to stay home for any sickness. That’s just a guess though, I’m sure we’ll have families on both sides of the issue and I wouldn’t be surprised if a family or two drops out for safety concerns. I am interested to hear what other co-ops decide to do!

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Our Classical Conversations group was meeting via Zoom for the last weeks of the season, but they are planning to resume normal activities at a physical location. We’ve opted not to participate. The host campus is gouging the group, and frankly, with how slow our group came around on the virus risks, I’m not sure we want to be tied to it.