Vegetarians, vegans, and the body and blood of Jesus

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


I have been struck for several years now at the vast quantity of bloodshed at the inauguration of the temple. 120,000 sheep. 22,000 oxen. Truly unbelievable.

Imagine the stench. Imagine the blood. They had to make a bigger area to do it - the bronze altar wasn’t nearly enough.

7 days of celebration. Tens of thousands of gallons of blood. Tens of thousands of pounds of meat.

Still, the blood of the Lamb is worth more than all those sacrifices.


White Castle hasn’t yet made it east of College Avenue and South Walnut.

Truthfully, whether we’re talking about the extermination of the Canaanites commanded by God when His people entered the Promised Land or the riot of blood that was the center of their worship (also commanded by God), doesn’t it seem as if we Christians today look back on this God of the Old Testament with some squeamishness, and maybe even condescension?

I LOL’ed. Thanks


There’s that, but as most sacrifices were roasted, also imagine the aroma. The Temple Mount would have been a gigantic bbq with the finest of beef and lamb, with fresh bread and cakes to boot! As a required part of worship.

And Christians today think God’s law is unkind.


Sure, but generally the abattoir isn’t next to the grill. Incidentally, the local Reformed Presbyterian pastor once explained that maybe the reason Old Testament worship was with instruments was to drown out the noise of slaughter. I’m not making this up. Love,