UK court orders forced abortion for disabled woman

This is such a sad story.

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The very essence of eugenics. The UK, probably didn’t know back in the forties that Hitler would never have to invade, they would eventually welcome his worldview.


Truly sickening to hear people justify murder and then want to call their service healthcare.

This was overturned!


That’s wonderful. Do you have a recommended link for the news?

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From the article:

The decision triggered over 75,000 people to sign a petition that Right to Life UK posted on June 22 that asked U.K. Health and Social Care Secretary Matthew Hancock to “intervene in this case, so far as possible, to prevent this gross injustice being inflicted by the State on this family and ensure this woman is not forced to have an abortion.”

It looks like people’s consciences aren’t completely seared yet. However, also this:

After Lieven’s decision was overruled, Clare McCarthy, spokesperson for Right To Life UK, stated:
“This is a very welcome decision that will save the life of the unborn child and the mother from a forced late-term abortion and much undue distress. However, the horrific original ruling should never have happened. Unfortunately, we fear that this is not a one-off case. We are calling on the Department of Health to urgently reveal how many women have been forced to have an abortion in the UK over the last 10 years and make it clear how they will ensure it will not happen again.”

People sometimes think what’s the point of making a fuss, it never does any good. However, uncovering deeds done in darkness is sometimes the method of killing them.



Thanks for sharing this.


Praise God! But it seems clear that the direction things are going is toward Eugenics, not away from it. Praying this case opens a lot of eyes and causes a lot of people to repent.


Agreed brother @Krlamb1