True and false preachers: God's "yes" and "no"

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


And opposing Ahab’s false prophets today is “pessimism” and “pietism” and “defeatism” and “being against the people of God.”

Notice also how the type of postmillennialism that attaches itself to most of this rhetoric doesn’t focus on the spread of the Gospel, but on the earthly victory of Christians over their political enemies. All tribes and tongues worshipping Jesus is basically an afterthought to all tribes and tongues no longer getting in the way of Christians living charmed lives (complete with 12 children and a hobby farm). When postmill detaches itself from the spread of the Gospel and the ordinary means of grace and begins striving for political power and justifying it with “this is the Church maturing, we now have a theology of political engagement” I can only think, “Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?”

But you’re exactly right in this article: if judgment begins with the house of God, how stupid must we be to think God won’t raise up enemies against us and deliver us into their hands for discipline. How stupid must we, e.g., be to rail against foreigners overtaking the country while not considering whether the land is spewing us out because of our abominations. Mexicans and Somalians may worship demons but they don’t claim to worship Christ and then butcher their own children, and they aren’t known across the globe for sodomy and atheism.