To you "Smug Theologians" in Bloomington, IN who would Dare to Care for "Biblical Correctness"

I know many of you here are from around Bloomington, IN so I figured this might be of interest to you. Matt Nussbaum, pastor of Exodus church in town wrote an article for Christianity Today that’s not worth reading except that it’s from our town.

To him “biblical truth matters enormously,” but…he doesn’t really mean that. But I’m probably just one of those “smug theologians” who dares to care for even an ounce of “theological correctness.”

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Thanks for passing it along. Just in case anyone might miss it, here is part two:

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Sounds like Pr. Nussbaum would be interested in putting his money where his mouth is and have lunch with any of the pastors at Trinity Reformed, if he hasn’t yet.

The older men on staff at Trinity do know pastor Nussbaum personally and have a fair bit of history with him.