Tim Keller and Side B Revoicers

New Warhorn Media post by M.D. Perkins:


[… Sadly, there are many Side B men and women, plagued by temptation, who are “coping” with their singleness in ways that are outright wicked. But the same goes for our “straight” kids too and it is to our shame that we naively assume the best or simply don’t want to know. But I digress.]

No, you’re not digressing; partly because we have tended to assume that the discipline expected of long-term Christian straight singles can be matched across to “Side B” Christians who are homosexually inclined, when (a) that really isn’t the case; and (b) the straight singles’ community in the church has enough issues of its own!

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Add to this. I’ve never known a straight woman or man to claim the church was hurting or persecuting her or him for their love of porn, love of petting, love of intercourse without benefit of marriage, love for non-contractual sex, love for prostitutes female and male, voyeuristic aesthetic, or lustful desires for goats or young girls, for that matter. Which is to say I’ve not yet heard the word “zoophobic.”

The pure hypocrisy of these men claiming to be shepherds is infuriating and repulsive, both at the same time. As needs to be repeated over and over, take any of their statements and arguments and change the sin from sodomy to bestiality to have things clarified for everyone in an awakening moment and way. But no one ever does it. They set the terms of the debate and we, all of us, have accepted them. Love,


Pastor Bayly’s simple test is so useful. Suppose we had a book titled “Is God anti-bestiality?” or “Is God anti-pedophile”? There was a professor last year at Virginia Commonwealth who got in trouble for advocating the deshaming of pedophile desire, as opposed to pedophile practice. I have some sympathy for him, because he was only following out the logic in a consistent way, yet the homosexuals turned on him actively (for strategic reasons, no doubt).
Or, one can use practically any sin. If anybody’s debating Pastor Keller (though I doubt he has the guts to debate), ask him “Is God Anti-Greed?” If he says, “Yes”, reply that you’re not talking about active greed, just greedy desires that you can’t escape because they’re such an overwhelming part of you.