Tim Keller and Brian Chapell on PCA study committee on sexuality

Well we can be thankful Brian Chapell and Tim Keller are going to be on the Study Committee on Sexuality.

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Not surprising, of course, but so sad. I had to laugh just the same at the ridiulousness of it all.

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Kevin DeYoung is on there. Haven’t followed him a lot in recent years, but I think he is faithful on this topic?

His speech at the 2019 GA:


I don’t have as many concerns about his theology as much as his willingness to not compromise given the “intellectual” top heaviness of this committee. Seems a bit tactical to have these three men on there. Poor Kevin. He’s gonna be the scape goat.


Kevin DeYoung tends to be, to quote the video you shared, “gracious and winsome.” Sometimes he tries a little too hard, in my opinion, and could do with a little more fire in his belly on occasion.

That said, he recently gave a talk, titled The Beauty of Biblically Broad Complementarianism that was very good. At a TGC conference no less. Well put and persuasively argued that being a man or woman has implications in all of life, not only in the “church and home.” Also, a good start on what those implications are, and how to figure it out.

Here it is, if anyone is interested

One of the better lines from his opening, "If your son asks you ‘Daddy, what does it mean to be a man?’ You need a better reply than ‘Well, you can be pastor someday.’ "


Let’s not forget Kevin DeYoung is a writer for The Gospel Coalition, whose VP and cofounder is Tim Keller, who allowed for almost two years another writer Thabiti Anyabwile to carry on sinfully without rebuke, at least not publicly. They certainly didn’t censure him.

I’m still so very mixed about Thabiti’s recent confession, having received just a small taste of his vitriol personally, but mostly because TGC didn’t seem to think it was a problem. I wrote them asking them to look into his behavior and how it reflected on their organization. No response. That was a year ago.

Today Thabiti says his confession was not the result of pressure from anyone but purely the Holy Spirit. If true, praise God for this miracle, but also, why wasn’t pressure put on him? Why didn’t this supposed Coalition of the Christian intellectual elite shepherd one of their own. I would have been far more comfortable with a confession such as Toby Sumpter’s. Something like…

‘Kevin and Tim warned me, I ignored them. They were right. I’m so sorry’.

That would’ve been brutally honest. But I don’t think Kevin or Tim warned him. Perhaps the bottom line started to get hit after two years of chaos. Perhaps someone did warn him. By why not say so.

I’m inclined to think Kevin DeYoung is not in a strong position, or in a majority position on this study committee, but I think he will surely not want to be called divisive, remember he’s the new guy, and will follow with the prompting of his denominational spirit or be hung out to dry.


So I was wondering about the other men on the committee and found that one of the Ruling Elders Jim Pocta is a Psychotherapist/Biblical Counselor in Dallas.

He seemed familiar to me and then I remember he opened one day of the General Assembly in prayer and spoke of his coming out of transgenderism.

Teaching Elder Jim Weidenaar is director for the Pittsburgh region of Harvest USA, a ministry “to better care for and disciple those affected by sexual brokenness.”

Ruling Elder Kyle Keating has already tipped his hat about Revoice.

Derek Halvorson, President of Covenant College apparently signed an initiative Fairness For All, that sought common ground between the LGBT community and the Christian Colleges.

Anyways, just some stuff to read up and and get to know what we might expect from the study committee.


So, how is the breakdown between urban and rural pastors?


Pca Study Committee Report On Women In The Church:
The Committee’s Report comes in at 63 pages and 32,000 words.

MO Presbytery Ad Hoc Committee To Investigate Memorial Pres Re: Revoice:
Coming in at one-hundred and forty-three pages and sixty-seven thousand words…

I’m guessing we can expect about 300 pages and 134,000 words from the current committee.


DeYoung has written a whole, short, book on what the Bible says about homosexuality. Been several years since I read it, but I recall it being petty good. It’s generally “stand and deliver” but I was a lot more “nuanced” back when I read it - which was pretty much as soon as it came out.

He addresses the ideas of sexual orientation and same sex attraction in an appendix. He doesn’t draw any hard lines. He states

“More work needs to be done to help Christians think through the issue of same-sex attraction in a way that is biblically faithful, pastorally sensitive, and culturally conversant.”

And then he discusses the issue from those three perspectives.

Overall he calls homosexual desire disordered and sinful if it becomes lust. So he doesn’t limit sin to the physical act of sodomy. He does leave room for a man to appreciate another man’s beauty in much the same way that a man can recognize his sister is beautiful without that being sexual.

Later her states:

“However we parse out these terms (my edit: meaning “orientation” and “gay”) —and we cannot avoid parsing terms (new terms are probably needed too)…”

Troubling to say we need new terms when the Bible already has terms.

I think his book really cuts at side A gay “Christians” and is more of a sibling block than help for side b/Revoicers. It could be stronger but it was written in a different era (just four years ago, but the times they are a-changin).

It’s blurbed by Moore (Russell), Butterfield, Wesley Hill, JD Greear, Nancy Demoss, Carson, Gagnon, Yuan, Gregory Koukl and Marvin Olasky. For whatever that’s worth. Everyone blurbs each other’s books so they will blurb back, etc, etc. It’s a crazy world.


Everyone wants to like Kevin DeYoung b/c he’s the most conservative of the Gospel Coalition celebrities. The important thing is Gospel Coaltion loyalties—not where on their continuum a man stands. Four years ago is plenty of time to see through these heresies. Sure, “the best of the lot” is better than the run-of-the-mill of the lot. But why deal with “the lot” at all? Do we really need to do obeiscance to super-apostles at this late day? The Gospel Coalition has been consistently supportive of LivingOUT’s shamelessness toward…

Effeminacy and sodomy.

And concerning those sexual perversions, God’s Word warns us, “Be not deceived.” Why lend support to those helping the deceivers? Are we so Anglophilic we must kowtow before British accents? Love,