The Trumpet of the Swan

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

I’ll just say that this may not be EB White’s best book. But chapter 2 of this book may be his best book chapter. Pure poetry. Beautiful writing. I was asked to read “a book” to my son’s class at school last year and I read chapter two of Trumpet of the Swan. #NoRegerts.

Give chapter 2 another try as a stand-alone short story, and you’ll love it. (I realize that may not be the best recommendation for a novel.)

I appreciate the conversation about White and those other New Yorkers. What about Thurber? I think of him as a New Yorker. My Life and Hard Times just kills me.

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I like Thurber. We talk more about some of those New Yorker humorist guys in an upcoming episode. And, yeah, that early stuff in Trumpet is really good.

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