The Tomorrow War

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

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I watched this movie Saturday night. I drove 12 hours that day. I got home and felt like doing nothing. So, once I had the kids down, I decided to check it out.


You guys were generous.

And it was so long. At nearly two and a half hours, they could have done something.

And it was so chock full of just… Here’s the guy trying to be a dad. Here’s a lady leading the army. Now the lady is doing math. Here’s the old man trying to put his life back together…

It’s just so irritating.

It’s two and a half hours of #girldad, with some occasional alien killing thrown in.

Why on earth did they have to go themselves to Siberia? Just give the secret formula to the Pentagon and go home. Goodness. The film just wouldn’t END.

No one else in the world should ever watch this film. Period.


That’s not an unreasonable take.


I heard about it from Gary Demar’s podcast and should have stopped watching after the entirely-female led army started sending people forward in time. Why didn’t I stop, am I a masochist?

By the way, the way I’ve heard based used is as a way of saying “you’re spouting traditional/ conservative/far right” values. Also associated with Pepe the frog.


Listening to this podcast and the confusion over based made me think I have been interneting too much.

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