The Problem with Revoice Theology

Our new friend MD was interviewed recently by Jon Harris.

Pastor Joseph Spurgeon was also recently on Jon Harris’ podcast but it would be unseemly for me to post that :wink:


Always fun to see you folks on video to be reminded that you’re living, breathing people, and not just nebulous internet avatars. :slight_smile:


Oh wow…Thanks! I’m glad for the encouragement.

Jon is a gracious and knowledgeable host and I really appreciate his careful approach to analyzing the current issues within evangelicalism.

I have honestly been rather self-conscious about this interview because I know I misspoke a couple of times (I temporarily forgot that covetousness was the 10th commandment and not the 9th) and there were some points I wish I had brought up as I thought about it afterward. I pray my weakness isn’t a hinderance to those who have watched it. The Lord helped me in many other ways throughout and I have heard good things from some friends and co-workers who watched it. I haven’t wanted to watch though :see_no_evil:

I’m looking forward to checking out Joseph’s interview sometime. He’s dealing with a very important topic.



Spurgeon is my pastor. I was kidding around a little.

Here’s his interview

A bunch of us from church will be going to see Jon speak in Shelbyville, KY in a week or so.