The Princess Bride (1987)

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I think it’s my fault, as a youngster, that I don’t find Billy Crystal all that funny. Same for other comics with a more animated style. It doesn’t make any sense to prefer a minimal, cautious delivery. Heaven is going to be full of voices with dynamic ranges and joyous use of the limbs of our resurrected bodies.

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I’ve loved this movie since I first saw it in college in the 90s (yes, on VHS). It’s probably my all-time favorite, and almost all my movie quotes come from it. Admittedly I haven’t seen very many movies.

The movie has shrunk on me (rather than grown on me) in recent years because it’s harder than it used to be for me to think the heroes are funny for mocking “the king’s stinking son” without seeing this as an attack on God and the authorities He has put in place.

Ah, but the king’s stinking son is a murderer. Surely there’s a place for calling him out.


I laughed during the whole episode because every time one of you quoted the movie I could picture it in my head and remember how funny it was. Also, I thought Billy Crystal was (and still is) hilarious. Miracle Max is one of my favorite parts of the entire movie.


I forgot Billy Crystal was in it.

My favorite Crystal scene is his famous dialogue with Meg Ryan about how men and women can’t be friends. Makes me wish Reformed men would have as much sense as a bunch of Jewish comedians.

I mean really, the answer to Aimee Byrd is not so much indignation as it is laughter.