The Presumptuous Parachurch

New Warhorn Media post by Andrew Dionne:

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It’s not clear to me, but can we make a case for where parachurch groups might have a place? Two examples:

  • The British & Foreign Bible Society was founded in 1804, and its American equivalent in 1816. This seems to me, to be an example of Christians working together to do something which whole church movements would not be able to support by themselves
  • In my country, there is something called the Christian Fellowship for the Disabled. It provides a gathering-place for Christians with disabilities, sometimes quite significant, and has scope for outreach/witness as well. The group’s mandate, of course, runs across churches and traditions.

At any rate, would welcome feedback on this.

Yes, not all parachurch organizations are wrong. But many decades ago, they began wagging the dog. Additionally, many things they do are destructive to the Church and to Biblical authority. Love,