The Pearl of Great Price (or, Saying "No")

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:

I found this encouraging, having had a few similar instances where saying “no” to a lucrative opportunity that would likely have been soul-destroying. I will add that sometimes it wasn’t me that said “no” but God did – and while heartbreaking at the time, I now see that the “no” was clearly to my spiritual benefit.

I also enjoyed hearing about Max’s time as Frito-Lay driver. I was a driver for Mike-Sells in the Dayton area for about 18 months (in between undergrad and graduate school), and oh the stories I can tell about inner-city chip routes… I should note that Frito-Lay drivers were our arch-enemies, so I’m glad that Max is now longer a resident of the dark side.


Treasured every minute of this topic. Thank you.