The Nature of Saving Faith

In a recent discussion here, I brought up Gordan Clark and Sandemanianism. The question of what constitutes faith is very important. Does Jordan Peterson have faith? Why not? He believes a whole lot of the Bible.

I’m preparing to preach this weekend on 2 Corinthians 4:1-6, and I came across this message from John Piper:

The whole thing is quite long, and I haven’t read it all. The section titled Why is Salvation through Faith?, as well as the following two sections, are just wonderful. Here is an excerpt:

The great old thinkers saw that danger. And therefore they crafted sentences very carefully, and here’s where Fuller was struggling on two fronts. He had the Sandamanians that said faith was all knowledge and had no affectional dimension. And he had the Roman Catholics and others, who were saying that it is precisely faith formed by love that is the ground of our justification. And he could see where they were getting these ideas.

In the end, Piper does a great job of showing how faith has to do with both our knowledge and our affections – and that it is all of God.