The mystery of Rudy Giuliani's spokeswoman

For those interested in politics and the whole Trump-Giuliani Ukraine impeachment mess: this has got to be one of the wackiest articles I’ve read in a very long time.

20 year old with no professional expertise is Giuliani’s top communications director. The article is a hit piece. Still, someone her age and lack of experience being in that position is unheard of. It really is wacky.

Maybe 20 year old high school dropouts are the only ones naïve enough not to have figured out that the next Democratic President is going to send everyone affiliated with Trump to Gitmo.

Seriously, what have the resumes looked like for other presidents’ lawyers’ PR flacks slash secretaries? What about other ex-mayors of NYC? I gave the article a heavy skim and I think I missed those comparisons.

I did catch that they put a very human face on George Allen. Last I remember George Allen, we were all supposed to hate him because he used a ridiculously obscure racial epithet on the campaign trail. We were assured that the word in question was -exactly- what he said, and there was -no doubt- that it was a racial epithet, and that the only possible meaning for it was that Allen had a KKK hood in his closet. It’s almost like they dragged him back out only to be useful in their hit job on this young lady.

To quote a European politician called Guy Verhofstadt, “I thought it was us Belgians who invented surrealism”. And I thought our (UK) politics were bonkers.

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Blah blah blah high school dropout blah blah blah high school dropout. On and on and on they go about how in the world did she get this position? Hoowww in the worrrld??? But skimming the article I am not seeing substantive criticism of the actual job she’s doing. Did I miss it?

If all they’ve got on her is blah blah high school dropout blah blah how in the world did she get this position, I think she must be doing a nice job.

Basically they are accusing her of lying about all her credentials. She isn’t “qualified” because she has had no actual experience in communications.

Either she’s doing a good job and actually impressed Giuliani’s hiring squad, or something else is going on (I don’t want to speculate about the young woman’s character, but you never know).

The whole article is filled with left wing bias, especially in how it treats both her and Giuliani as unhinged conspiracy crazies.

What you missed is that she’s an awful person. Awful, Daniel!

PR professionals are, of course, known for their rigorous attention to detail and their penchant for hewing very close to the known facts, wherever they lead.

The mainstream media treating anyone this side of “The Beautiful Mind” guy as an unhinged conspiracy crazy is, in December of 2019, rich.

The level of lying that we’ve all been subjected to by these types, for decades now, is getting harder for me to swallow.

Just ensure you don’t reference the drug addict son of a former Vice President landing a deal on the board of a Ukrainian energy concern pulling down 80 large a month while not speaking a lick of Ukrainian nor having any background whatsoever in energy administration. We’ll leave that one alone entirely.


I have an alert set for board positions in Eastern European companies that don’t require language skills or industry knowledge (minimum comp: $500k/year). The Burisma one must’ve gotten by me though, or I would have put in my resume.