The Matildas

Let me bring a bit of Australiana to the group.

Our national team, the Matildas, are playing in the Woman’s Soccer World Cup and Australians are really getting behind them, including people in the Church.

I am uncomfortable with Christians supporting this because it seems to me that professional soccer players inhabit a world outside of godly feminine pursuits. They are not focused on the home. They are not being helpers but stars. They are acting like men.

And then I read a woman crowing about how she heard her boys pretending to be two of the female players on the Matildas when playing out in the yard.

And I see Christian friends lauding female players on social media, so I look up the players and, not surprisingly, many more than half are in lesbian relationships and only three(?) are in relationship with a man.

And I think, why are Christians supporting this?

I will be told, we can support the players without supporting their sexual deviancy. But you are supporting their anti-feminine career.

I am not a minister. I am not an “influencer”. But this support is happening in my circles.

Just typing this has led me to this conclusion: I should speak up.